QS-5188C Desk Lead Free Reflow Oven
  • QS-5188C Desk Lead Free Reflow Oven

QS-5188C Desk Lead Free Reflow Oven



QS-5188C Desk Lead Free Reflow Oven Introduction
The "MINIIR REFLOW OVEN" is equipment that used for electron production and maintain of SMT technique. The product adopts the far-infrared heating components and excellent sense temperature materials. Through the precise control of the microcomputer, make the temperature control curve match to the request of the SMT production technique completely. The "temperature control curve" of the equipment can be adjusted accurately, so it can satisfy the request of many kinds of soldering paste which are different material parameters. It can shut down and alarm the faults automatically. Also it has many functions, such as soldering, maintenance and drying.
The structural performance and operation has been upgraded and improved. Using Chinese-English bilingual operating system and efficient and convenient power switch.
Main technique parameter
1.Working voltage: AC220V(AC110V order) 
2.Working frequency:50-60Hz
3.Maximum output power: 1650W
4.Heating methods: infrared radiation and hot air mix heating 
5.Operating system: Chinese-English operating system
6.Working mode: automatic soldering mode, maintenance mode adjustable
7.Temperature curve paragraph:  warm-up, heating, soldering, heat preservation and cooling segment.
8.Range of temperature and time on warm-up: 70~150 C, 0~5Min
9.Range of temperature and time on heating: warm-up temperature to 250 C,0~5Min 
10.Range of temperature and time on soldering: heating temperature to300 C, 0~30s
11.Range of temperature and time on heating preservation: soldering temperature-(0~50 C) 
12.Tray specifications: 305*320mm
13.Size: 460*372*275mm
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